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Fox River AXT Socks Review

As the snow finally comes down on our fair city and the cold weather pushes the thermostat lower, the need for warmer clothing is finally realized.  For many people, they quickly layer up on the legs and upper body and then follow it by the head and hands.  The forgotten item is socks.  Being a runner for almost 8 years, I have tried so many brands of socks and the Fox River brand is one that I have stayed with for over 4 years now.

In February 2011, I ran the coldest race south of the Yukon & Alaska.  It was the 100 miler Beast of Burden race in Lockport, New York.  It was about as cold as one would expect with 50 mile gust of wind, two snow storms and temperatures hovering around -20 Celsius.  I used the AXT socks throughout the entire race and never had any problems.  The extra cushioning helped with the constant pounding and my toes never got too cold.  I would recommend the AXT for any extended running in the Winter or cold temperature days.

They are truly a life saver for many people and I would recommend that you try a pair.  You won’t go wrong!

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