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Mizuno Wave Rider 14

I was lucky enough to win the Mizuno Wave Riders in the lottery.  Unfortunately, I have been suffering from a sore achilles since about June, so have not been able to wear these new shoes as much as I would have liked.

I have worn Asics Gel Nimbus for many years, so Arnold from Mizuno said that I would feel most comfortable in the Wave Rider.  Angus fit me for them & I did agree, that the Wave Rider had as much cushioning in the shoe as the Gel Nimbus.  They felt much lighter though, & felt like I was wearing nothing on my feet.  I did not feel the weight of the shoes as all.

Theses shoes have Dynamotion Fit, which means that they “reduce the effects of lateral stress on the shoes resulting in an optimal fit while in motion”.  This shoes locks your heel into place & there is no slipping of the shoe while running.

These shoes have the Mizuno Wave feature that combines cushioning with stability for a neutral cushioning running shoe.

These shoes have a lightweight breathable upper, & I felt like my feet were still cool at the end of a long run.  My feet didn’t overheat at all & they still felt fresh after the long run.

They have shock absorbing cushioning in the heel & forefoot, so even after a long run, my feet didn’t feel like they had been pounding the pavement.  I am a heavy foot striker, so this is indeed important to me.  No foot fatigue at the end of the run.

I always poke my leg big toe out of the top of my shoe, & so far I don’t see any effects of this with these shoes.  I don’t know if it is the extra piece of solid material on the top of the toes, or that my foot just sits differently in this shoe?  But so far, so good.

So far the wear pattern on the sole is still a neutral strike.  I haven’t reverted back to the heavy heel strike, which is also a plus for these shoes.

I am excited to wear these shoes racing next year.  With the lightweight of them, I think they will serve me well in triathlons, as my feet always feel heavy when I get to the run.  Hopefully, they will add some spark to my step next year.  I will definitely be wearing these shoes in the years to come!

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