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The not so “Rave Run”

I’m an avid and enthusiastic runner in all facets of the sport. I love to train, race, and participate in events whenever possible. I believe I have found the next Rave Run for the Runner’s World Magazine…. Unfortunately Runner world magazine didn’t feel the same way so I might as well show everyone at Running Free. Located about a 2 hour drive from Toronto there is a paradise called the Beaver Valley. It boasts the most incredible views, trails, and roads that could compete against any other past Rave Run.

Located 2 km from the Beaver Valley Ski Club is a road called the Lower Valley Rd. It is a mixture of gravel and pavement that includes multiple access points to the most beautiful sections of the Bruce Trail. It includes about 500 ft of climbing which is a rare commodity in Southern Ontario and one could run on it for hours at a time without seeing a car. The Road is heavily shaded for the hot Ontario Summers, well sheltered for the harsh Ontario winters, and incredibly colourful in fall.

The route that I commonly run is 18.5 km starting from the beginning of Lower valley Road right off of Grey Road 30 before you turn the corner going up Bowls Bluff Rd. You continue of Lower Valley Rd for 8km to an intersection where you make a right on the East Back Line. Continue on the East Back Line for 1 km until you reach a junction with Grey Road 32 where you take a right. Continue on Grey road 32 for 5.5km until you reach a tiny town called Vandeleur where you take a right on to Concession Rd 12A until you reach Lower valley Rd where you take a left and continue for 2km back to your parking spot.

There is no other place like it in Southern Ontario


I started competing Road races, Triathlons, Bike races, XCountry running and XCountry skiing races in 2007 with my family and since then have done: • 7 triathlons • in 5 10km runs with a PB of 34:50 at the 2011 Sporting Life 10km • 1 half marathon PB 1:22:30 in 2010 • 55th at OFSAA championships for Nordic skiing in 2011 • 2 OFSAA cross country running participations in 2008 and 2009 • 3km PB 9:43 and 1500m PB 4:29 in 2011 I also have competed at the Albion Hills Tuesday night Mountain bike race series for the past 2 years

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  • I have skied many times at Beaver Valley Ski Club. It is simply beautiful there. What a great terrain it would be for a run. 100% agree with your selection for a Rave Run. I am packing my trail shoes next time I find myself up there.

  • Would Concession Road 12A be the “Graham’s Hill” shown by MapQuest? The same map shows Vandeleur 1/2 way between concession roads.

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