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CWX Pro Tights Review

CWX Pro Tights Gear Review

I was very pleased to have won a CWX product in the Running Free lottery.  As a current owner of a pair of winter CWX tights (full length) I was happy to choose a lighter weight full length pair to add to my running clothes collection.  I must admit, I am not a regular tight wearer, but the CWX product is hard to resist due to its patented features but more importantly the mental advantage it provides while running.

The patented ribbed design provides support to the key running muscle groups:  calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings to slow the effects of fatigue while running.  While I’m running with these tights on, I actually feel faster and more efficient so I think they perform per the design intent.

If you are thinking or purchasing tights, I would recommend the CWX brand.  Here is a summary of the Pros and Cons of these tights from my personal experience.


Feel:  smooth feel

Look:  Appearance not comprised by function:  Solid colour (black) with lines (blue) follow key muscle groups as required for function, and are aesthetically appealing

Fit:  Suggested sizes are accurate

Pocket:  As most shorts and tights there is a small pocket in the front which I find very useful for storing my house key, dextrose tablets, or one gel


Fit:  Takes some time to put them on and adjust for best fit; however, for the tights to function they need to “hug” your muscles

Price:  Although these tights are expensive (approx $100), most tights are in the $60 – $80 range already,  so I think the additional cost for the CWX patented features is worth the additional expense

I would recommend a pair of CWX tights to experienced and inexperienced tight wearer.  The CWX design is unique in the running apparel market and is unlike any tight I have worn.  The presence of this brand in the market for many years is a testimonial in itself of the success of the brand.  I hope my review convinces you to give CWX tights a try.  J

Scott McDonell

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