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Newton MV2

It should be noted that I’ve had these shoes for a few months now, but only just recently used them in my first road race.   I actually only ran in them 3 or 4 times before racing in them.

As soon as you put them on, they feel incredibly light.   Almost like you are not wearing anything, and you can definitely feel the minimal heel drop.   I actually inserted the two small heel pads in the shoes so the transition wasn’t as large as it could have been.

So for the few shorter training runs that I did in them, I really liked them.   As mentioned, they were light and you could really feel the lugs on the bottom (albeit they are smaller than normal Newtons).

They really helped promote quick turnover in the feet for sure. I would definitely recommend sizing up, even if you normally size your for your racing flats.   I normally wear a size 11 Newton (gravity and distance racer), but when I got the 11 of the MV2, they were too tight. I ended up taking them back for a size 11.5 which seesm to fit well.

Overall, these shoes are fast, and the perfect combination for a speedy 5 or 10K run.   My first race was an 11.2K (7 mile event) which went great and I had no issues with the shoes. I think I’d try them for a half marathon distance event, but might be nervous to go the full marathon distance?? maybe, maybe now.

So if you want a fast shoe for your next race, try these. I highly recommend!


A competitive triathlete and runner always looking to get the most out or training and racing and spending time with my family!

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