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K-swiss Blade Light Run

When Kswiss entered the running shoe/triathlon market a few years ago I was skeptical about their offerings.  What they came out with initially didn’t really give me a lot of confidence in the quality of their shoes and the reviews were often not favourable.

Since then it is obvious that kswiss has done their homework.  I had the opportunity to try a pair of their Blade Light Run’s last year which actually lead me to purchase a pair.  They are without doubt the most comfy shoes I have ever worn.  And they are light too!  A rare combo.

More importantly for me they meet a low front back drop that I need.  They don’t lack cushioning while they achieve this either.  Which some of the current minimalist shoes do.  I currently have one pair for running, and another pair that I wear as my everyday shoe at work.  I can stand/run around all day without the fatigue and soreness that I feel with many other shoes at the end of the day.

These shoes have given me the confidence to try other shoes in the kswiss line.  Of which I am very happy with as well.

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