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2012 Lindsay Milk Race (10k and 5k)

Lindsay Milk Race (10k and 5k)milk-race-img_0174-2012-07-22.jpgLindsay Milk Race (10k and 5k)milk-race-img_0166-2012-07-22.jpgmilk-race-img_0173-2012-07-22.jpgmilk-race-img_0160-2012-07-22.jpgLindsay Milk Race (10k and 5k)

Images courtesy of Robert Smith running out of Newmarket. Thanks Robert!

What a great way to end a race…free ice cream! Aside from the ice cream Running Free had strong representation from at least 10 runners from Newmarket, Ajax and Markham. Everyone ran well and we had a few solid performances in age group and overall! Congratulations to everyone and thanks to our families that allow us run!

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