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Fox River Velocity Ankle Socks

I’m not the greatest writer, but I hope I get my point across. So over the next little while I will be posting some race and gear review. Why gear review so late in the season. Well I believe in really testing out what I buy until I either love it or hate it. I have come across a few products in the past that I really thought I liked, but after a few months have decided that they aren’t for me.

So back in May of 2012 I won the Team Running Free lottery for FOX RIVER socks. I have a million pairs of socks and I thought to myself, what am I going to do with another pair? Well, winning a $40 voucher plus the 30% pro-deal I was able to not just pick up a “pair” of socks, I actually managed to buy 5 pairs! So being as curious as I was, I began to use them right away.

The company claims to keep your feet dry and comfortable and that is exactly what they did. All my training sessions in these socks were successful. I never experienced any blisters, wet feet or any overwhelming nasty odours. Even on some hot summer days reaching temperatures of above 30 degrees Celsius, these socks performed at their very best. I decided to put them to their first real test at the Welland Half Ironman in June and to my delight they served their purpose! I wore the same socks on both the ride and run and did not have any issues with sweating, blisters, etc… The real test came though when I was faced with the decision of my sock selection for Ironman Mount Tremblant. I decided I’d use 2 pairs of socks. On the bike I wore the Fox River Velocity Ankle Light. And I wore the Fox River Velocity Ankle for the Run. I decided to change into a different running sock because the one chosen provides more padding, and since I was running my first ever Marathon in my first ever Ironman Race I wanted to make sure that I had as much padding as possible. In the current off season, I have been mountain biking and trail running. These socks are still delivering the promise they made by providing the comfort and reliability I need to get through a tough session.



These socks feel light on the feet and provide the right amount of cushioning for their application. They wick any water away and keep your feet dry and cool. Big thumbs up to Fox River for providing an exceptional product. These socks are definitely my go-to socks for any training and racing that I plan on doing in the future!

Fox river velocity light - ankle Fox River Velocity - Ankle

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