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This gear review focuses on Fox River socks. I think it’s important to consider just how much abuse our feet take during our training. Any of my long distance running friends can show a few missing toenails as evidence.


Our feet are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, pounding forces that compress the tissues of the feet, and contraction/stretching as we move through our stride. It’s important to care for them and to try to be as comfortable as possible.


Fox River socks really help to achieve this with their robust construction that wraps your foot comfortably, with a slight compression to activate proprioception and venous return. The stitching is strong and wears well after repeated use and multiple washings which is also important – after all, you don’t want to have to keep replacing worn out socks. The stitching also does not create high points or ridges that will cause friction and pain or blisters. We all hate blisters!

Since Fox River socks fit snugly, they don’t slide around or shift in your shoes while running which again, prevents friction and blisters. They wont bunch up under your toes or the ball of your foot and simply become an extension of your shoes. You want to have trust in your gear to keep you moving and not taking your focus away due to poor fit or design.


I really like the feel/texture of the type of material used as well. It’s so soft, almost luxurious! My feet feel so pampered by wearing Fox River, and they have become a training partner for me as I work through my triathlon season. And, you don’t have to break the bank! Price point is usually a concern for athletes because we spend frequently on gear, race fees, nutrition, coaching etc, and we want to make sure we are spending our hard earned dollars on items that will perform/endure/please. Fox River products are priced really well to provide you with a sock that feels/looks/performs above expectations. 


Another important feature is staying dry. My feet do not stay wet whether from sweat or from minor external moisture. The socks wick it all away to keep me comfortable, and we all know how nasty wet feet can be when you are on a long run/ride. By keeping you dry, they help to keep you warm as well. I wear my hidden cuff socks with running shoes right through the winter with no issues at all. Always dry, always warm, always comfortable.


There are many styles to choose from for both men and women. Hidden cuff, mid-height, full height. White, black, reinforced toes & heel sections and so on. I am very pleased with my socks, and so are my feet. Treat your feet to some great comfort.


I highly recommend!

Scott – Team RF Newmarket

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