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NATHAN – STREAK Reflective Safety Vest

My running partner and husband, Jeff, and I have been running the country roads around Erin, Ontario for the past few years. This is one of our most favorite activities and we train year round so we find ourselves out on the roads in all kinds of weather. We live in a friendly community with many runners, cyclists and dog walkers so the majority of the local drivers/pedestrians have been most considerate when it comes to sharing the roads and sidewalks however there are always exceptions!

Apparently, not everyone appreciates runners on the side of the road or on the sidewalk, for that matter!  Most of our clothing has some form of reflective material on it however it is usually small in size so we resorted to wearing a NATHAN STREAK Reflective Safety Vest this year. We have used other more bulky vests before and found them not very user friendly and awkward to run in.

The STREAK Vest is so light and formfitting you don’t know you are wearing it. It has adjustable side tabs and the reflective material is really bright to oncoming traffic. There is a handy front pocket for your key and also a tab for your personal information in case of an emergency. We have purchased a lot of running related equipment over the years and I feel this is one piece that all runners should have in their “running bin”, as we call it in our house. [NOTE: We resorted to using bins as it’s much easier to store your work out clothing and accessories and there’s no folding required!!].

The Vest comes in a range of sizes. We use the SM/MED and it’s perfect for both Jeff and I.

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