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I’ve had the pleasure of using Sugoi products for 4 years now and after using Sugoi  products extensively,  I can say without a doubt that their product is unparalleled.
Today’s review will take a look at one of the most important parts of your kit, and one of the finest items in the Sugoi lineup. Let us start with where it all counts: the short.
Let’s face it, if you booking big miles in the saddle, you need to have performance and comfort from your cycling short or your rides will end with nasty friction burns and saddle sores in places you’d rather not be sore.
A good cycling short needs to fit the body contours and move with your movement whether you are cruising or standing on the pedals to conquer that next hill.
The Sugoi RS Short  accepts that challenge and delivers. They are light, sleek, well fitting shorts that don’t grab or bunch. No one likes a short that bunches up. The leg grippers keep them in place so they don’t ride up your thigh, and the panels are well constructed with secure and sturdy stitching that will make this short last the test of time.

Here is how Sugoi describe them:

  • No inseam to reduce under chamois bulk
  • 10 panel body contour fit
  • Flat seams for increased comfort
  • 9 inch inseam
  • Clean finish signature grip leg elastic
  • 1 inch soft waistband elastic


I have logged over 2500 kms so far in my RS Short and they are still as comfortable as the day I received them. I expect this to continue for a long time. They are that good.
The RC Pro chamois is quite simply the most comfortable chamois I have ever used. Hands down!!
The construction provides just enough padding without feeling like you have an extra large Huggies diaper on, but is thin enough to let you feel the saddle and allows for full movement of your hips and buttocks. The placement of the contours in the chamois also provide for ample blood flow from the main arteries in the perineal area and don’t cause any friction. This is a HUGE plus.
Anyone who has done extensive cycling has certainly endured the numbness that can occur from ill fitting or ill performing shorts/chamois. It is no fun when your “privates” go numb.
The RS Short simply has been designed with a cyclist in mind. You can’t go wrong with this short.
We are so fortunate to have Sugoi make our Team RF apparel. If you are looking for a new bike short, look no further than your closest Running Free store. They will set you up.  

I am certain I will post with more reviews about other Sugoi products as well. I have a lot of their product. I use it all the time. It’s my go-to gear for training, and now with our Team RF apparel, it’s my go-to gear for race day as well! A total win!
Rating: 10/10

Scott – Team RF Newmarket

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