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Mizuno Wave Rider 15

This is my third pair of Mizuno Wave Riders.  The Mizuno brand is associated with durability, reliability and comfort.  This new generation of shoe has improved in the amount of cushioning and stability that is provided to the runner.  These shoes have both great quality and comfort that I look for in a running shoe.

The colours provided by Mizuno are another positive attribute that caught my attention.  I choose the bright blue, lime green, reddish coloured shoe.  There are several great colour combinations available depending on your style.  I have always been a fan of having vibrant and “loud” coloured shoes that look great but also perform to the best possible standards.  For me, a shoe that provides support and comfort is essential for my running style.  Mizuno really seems to have achieved the balance between style and practicality.  The Mizuno Wave Rider 15 has a better designed insole and the right amount of cushioning that makes running in them seem effortless when running long distances.  These shoes provide a smooth ride that makes running less strenuous on my joints that seems to be an improvement over the previous Mizuno generations.

Overall, it is not surprising that Mizuno has released another great running shoe.  The Mizuno Wave Rider 15 is a top quality running shoe that provides everything a runner needs at very competitive prices.

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