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Asics ASX Wind Boxer comparison North Face GDT Wind Brief

Gear review and a comparison
Asics ASX Wind Boxer: asics asx

The North Face GTD Wind Brief:

North Face GTD

This year, I blew the dust off my wallet and decided to buy a better pair of running briefs for the cold winter running season.  With temps well below -15*C I wanted to be as comfortable as I could while braving the elements.  This review is more of a comparison than an all-out gear review.

Both the Asics and North Face running briefs are constructed from high quality materials. Both are reputable brands, offering athletes a whole slew of technological improvements in seamless undergarment design. Comfort, support, mesh padding for breathability, microfiber wind block panels to help shield body extremities, and durability are just a few.

The primary difference between these two boxers is in the leg design. Refer to the links for detailed photo’s, but in short, the Asics offer a lower cut leg design, where as the North Face have a longer leg similar to a cyclist chamois.

I initially felt that the Asics would better suit my needs.  During cold runs I’m either in my running tights or running pants; what I choose to wear is always dependant on  the actual outside temps before wind chill. With the shorter leg design, I felt that the Asics would fit better under my tights, and in general, offer less resistance while running.

I’ll qualify the following statement by stating that the Asics are a great fitting boxer if you’re not running.  While running, these briefs kept me warm, however, even with a strong leg elastic, I was finding that the briefs would “ride-up” the leg and bunch up in the crotch area.  I wasn’t experiencing any chaffing, but the constant “fiddling” and “adjusting was just too much of a distraction – I couldn’t focus on my running, and in general, running in these briefs was not enjoyable.

It was with some reservation that I switched to the North Face briefs. Would the longer leg design be an impediment? In short, these brief work very well while running.  The leg elastic does a great job of keeping the leg material in place, and equally important, they fit well under a  pair of running tights.

In conclusion,  the Asics could be used during other activities, but based on my own personal experience I don’t recommend them for runners. The North Face brief simply does a better job of staying in place eliminating the distraction of constantly “adjusting” while on the run.


Avid outdoorsman. Live in small rural community with many opportunities to get outside! Running is my passion, but do frequently get out on my bike, and while up north at the cottage, get my share of swimming in. Look forward to a great 2012 season, and am looking for interested individuals to compete in Adventure racing.

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  • Hi Andrew
    Thanks for the review and our staff will keep this in mind when recommending these
    two products to our customers…this is valuable info!
    So keep the reviews coming…
    Susan Roblin
    Store Manager
    Running Free Newmarket

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