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Toronto Street 10k – 40min Pacer

What a fast course!


If you are looking for a fast, local 10k, this is the one.  There were only a few climbs; the rest was all downhill. It was not too crowded – it didn’t take too long to get over the start line and after the start it spread out pretty quick.  All four lanes on Yonge Street were open for running and there were minimal turns on the course route.


I had a good group with me again and the weather was nice considering how cold it has been lately. As the 40 minute pace bunny, my goal was to run consistent 3:55-4:00 k’s, but with the downhills I ended up having a couple of fast 3:49 and 3:50 k’s that ended up being balanced by a couple 4:03 k’s.  The tall buildings along Yonge didn’t help the Garmin either – the GPS signal goes wonky a few times.


The start area on Yonge just north of Eglington was very convenient. We parked on a side street and it was only a two-three minute walk from there to the start line (we did get a $40 parking ticket though, so make sure you check the signage!)  From the finish line it is a 3k jog back Union Station and then it’s a 20 minute subway ride back up to the start line.



Gun Finish Time – 39:55!

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