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7 Systems Review

7Systems Endurance Supplement Single Pack - 30 Day Supply - 7Systems Style # 7SESSI was very pleased when I was awarded a month’s supply of 7 Systems as it was a few months prior to the Scotiabank Marathon I was training for. Up until now, I was taking regular vitamins such as “One a Day” and “Centrum” so was curious to try a more reputable brand. Although, the price is much higher than your ordinary Multivitamins the common saying “You get what you pay for” applies and in this case by choosing a lesser brand you are potentially sacrificing athletic performance and recovery time. A chart is included on which shows the superiority of the 7SYSTEMS product. 7SYSTEMS was designed not just for professional athletes but for anyone involved in activities such as running, triathlon, cycling and other endurance sports. I am primarily an endurance runner who runs 50 – 70 miles a week so 7SYSTEMS is the ideal product for me. After taking 7SYSTEMS for 3-4 weeks, I noticed increased energy, faster recovery times, and less fatigue. This makes sense when analyzing the 7 key areas 7SYSTEMS focusses on: Cardiovascular, Muscular, Skeletal, Respiratory, Digestive, Nervous and Imune.Another aspect of 7SYSTEMS I like is that the product is sold in containers full of daily servings. The key tablets are included in convenient “easy to open“ packages. You simply take one package daily. I like this approach instead of being provided separate bottles of pills you have to sort yourself.

In conclusion, if you are serious about your training and racing and don’t mind spending $3 / day on vitamins (only the cost of ~2 cups of coffee), 7SYSTEMS is well worth the money which translate into priceless training and racing results.

Scott McDonell

Masters Runner

Completed 20+ Marathons

PB: 2:36:06

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