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Nathan Speed 2 Pack – Product Review

I’ve owned several nutrition belts, made by various companies, including Fuel Belt and Running Room, but my current favourite nutrition belt is the Nathan Speed 2Pack.

Just why is this one so good?

This is my favourite belt simply because of its precise adjustability. Let me ask you — how many times have you purchased a belt, and you were in between sizes? I found that I was always between a small or a medium with a Fuel Belt, and quite often, the Fuel Belt would either slide up or fall further down. Well, the Nathan Speed 2 has an incredible mechanism that combines an elasticized waistband with non-elasticized straps that can be folded up and velcro’d down.

What? Sounds Confusing?

It really isn’t! If I knew how to post a picture of it, I would! But trust my word for it – I have never had such a comfortable feeling belt before, with such adjustability. Not to mention that the belt has a generous pocket for your smart phone and other essentials. I often commute home from the downtown core by running the 12-13km home, so being able to carry these items is extremely necessary.

How about the bottles?

I also noticed that the rubberized caps are very ergonomic, and compared to offerings from nutrition belt competitors, Nathan offers a superior product. I also wanted to mention that I am bad at doing dishes, and sometimes I forget to wash my Nathan bottles. Have no fear, however. The Nathan Speed 2 is also compatible with bottles from Fuel Belt – including the classic and new bottles. I’ve actually run over 25km with this Nathan belt holding non-Nathan bottles! I bet you Nathan didn’t want you to hear that, but I told you this so that you can have no worries in buying this amazing product and retrofitting it with all of the other bottles you’ve amassed!


I am a big fan of Nathan, even though I always preferred Fuel Belt. Admittedly, I preferred Fuel Belt for the fact that they put out cool advertisements, but functionally, Nathan offers a superior product!

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  • I found the tip of the bottles to be very picky, they need to be pulled up pushed down straight. If they get twisted, they become misaligned and would start leaking. If anyone runs into leaking problem, check the tip from under the cap to make sure they are aligned.

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