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Be Seen – Nathan LightBender and LightSpur Review

Wow,  I am very impressed with this product.  The best product I’ve used for running in the dark.  I’ve used reflective vests but this is less obtrusive and looks very cool.  The Nathan LightBender is a LED band with 360-degree visibility.  The Nathan LightSpur is a LED spur that quickly and securely attaches to the heal of you shoe.  They can be set for a steady light or a flashing light.  I wear a LightBender on each arm and a pair of LightSpur’s on my shoes.  With the walking or running stride these two systems work great  for Super visibility in the dark.  I’ve never had so many complements on a light before during my runs.   My children also enjoy to wear them on their night runs as well.  You can run with confidence on the streets or sidewalks that you are seen.  If noticed cars seem to see me earlier and move well away from me.  I’m sure they appreciate being able to clearly see the runners as well.  Each light has a soft push switch that moves from  off to steady to flash and then back to off with each push.  The Nathan LightSpur attaches easily to the rear of your shoe by simply spreading the spur slightly wider and slipping it over the back to the shoe.  The Nathan Light Bender attaches to your arm with a secure Velcro attachment .   It comes with a replaceable watch battery that  provides 100+ hours of illumination.  The band can be worn on arms or pant legs and is great for walking or cycling too.  They are water resistant and soft silicone.  Nathan products come with an Unconditional Guarantee that if they fall apart before you do, just send it back to them and they will make it right!  I think they would make you look great at any night races as well like the Mid Summers Night Run in August.

I’m sure they would be great for kids on Halloween night too.  Any time you want to be seen in the dark.  This even gives cyclists a huge visibility at night as well from all directions.  It has too help making you visible from all sides.  Even the Velcro strap has reflective material on it as well.  If you have these you will be able to run with more confidence that you are going to be seen.

Thanks, Jim Morrison, Team Runningfree

Nathan LightSpur Unisex Black - Nathan Style # 5072NB S13

 Nathan LightBender Unisex Sulpur Spring - Nathan Style # 5073NSS S13

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