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CW-X Expert Tights

With this review, I believe I’ve now put every single CW-X tight to the test and you can’t go wrong with any of their offerings.

The black and white colour scheme did catch my eye, but I selected the CW-X Expert Tights for the simple fact that it was the only one’s in the store that fit.

After putting in some solid running time in the fall, the Expert Tights might indeed be my favourite model. This particular model works with my body to provide just the right amount of support in all the areas that I need it. It seems to enhance my movement and not inhibit it.

I can pinpoint this to being the perfect fit, and one that fits a bit more snug than the other one’s I have in my collection. After looking up the specs, the Expert tights is also designed for joint support, knee and hips – I’ve always selected the CW-X models that provided support to more areas. Sometimes, less is more.

I’m not sure I’ll be using these in the brutal cold and windy winter conditions – I’ll use my Insulator Stabilyx for those runs – but come the spring, I’ll will surely bring them out again and definitely for any races.

Of course if I had some CW-X Insulator Expert Tights I’d use those. Maybe I’ll put those on my Christmas wish list.

So why use CW-X tights or shorts? You’d be smart to take advantage of the extra support, recovery, and hopefully in the end, a little faster too.

Hopefully, you’ll pick some CW-X products here at Running Free, and if you do, make sure to use code 11296 to save a few bucks.

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