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Nathan Trail Mix 4

I was lucky to be picked for the lottery for Nathan products. I picked the Nathan Trail Mix 4.
I own an older model of the Nathan fuel belt, but this is my first 4 bottle belt for those super long runs.
This belt is fully adjustable as you can cinch the belt down to be tight and keep the bottles from bouncing. This belt comes with 4- 10 oz dishwasher safe bottles and a good size pouch in the front (or the back depending on how you like to wear the belt). The pouch can fit your smart phone and four packages of gels.
I do feel that there is still room for improvement. It would be great if the belt itself have some reflective material for those dark mornings or nights. Just recently I learned that Nathan launched Fire and Ice reflective bottles that fit this belt (another expense though!). Another issue I have with the bottles is that they are not clear. You can’t tell how full the bottles are when you are filling it, which can cause over filling. Also when you are running, you can’t see how much liquid is left. The nozzle caps have a tendency to be sticky. It sometimes requires force to push down or to pull up the nozzle for use. My older Nathan belt bottles have race caps and I love this feature because you can just squeeze the liquid and not have to worry about pushing the nozzle down to shut it from leaking. Unfortunately, the caps do not fit the bottles in the new system. My last bug is that the bottle cages are not removable for the shorter runs when not all four bottles are needed. Yes, you can just run with 1 or 2 bottles but it does look a bit silly when the bottle cages are empty!
The belt took some getting used to at the beginning but overall it is a great product! I do not have any problems with bottles bouncing and the belt becoming loose on the run. I recommend this product for those long runs.


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