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Fox River Socks Gear Review 2013, By Jeff VandePol

Fox River Socks Gear Review 2013, By Jeff VandePol.

I thought writing this would be difficult so I procrastinated about doing it but Jeremy’s gentle reminder made me think more seriously about the great prize I won in the spring of $40 from our generous sponsor Fox River.

Now I have to preface this by saying I did have Fox River in my sock drawer before I received the prize but I also had various others such as Wright socks, Nike, Mizuno and Brooks.  They all had their purposes; Wright for winter due to the double layer, Mizuno thins for racing and Brooks really not for running just white sneaker socks.  So as I said I thought writing this would be hard, what could I say about socks?  They’re socks.  They fit and I hadn’t given them much thought in the past…the past year that is.  I did have what I thought was a great pair of running socks previously with a nice left and right indicator stitched into them, orange color wrapped toe and heal and from a well known manufacturer, you would think I would enjoy them and they would have lasted for a while.  Well they didn’t.  I tore through a toe and mended it for my long training runs but worse than that was the terrible friction and wear in the heal liner of a new pair of Asics Kayano’s that had very little mileage on them.  Now I have had Asics for years and with Kayano’s or 2170’s on rotation, when the heal wore out early I looked at the balling on the heal of the socks and gave those colourful bad boys a toss.  Now I had never had that problem occur in the heal liner of any of my shoes and I haven’t had it happen since, so I’m putting that issue on the socks.

As for any other  issues, there  have been blisters on toes and arches but in this past year with 2 marathon training sessions, Goodlife Toronto in the spring and STWM in the fall I have had great training and racing with no foot issues.  So that really is just the point, comfort and joy from my four pair of Fox River socks.  I was lucky enough to get all ankle socks and in four different dark colours (because I hate trying to keep white socks white).  All dark with different accent colours because I find it easier to match socks out of the laundry and don’t want matching pairs as each sock I find does become a right and a left all on its own.  And when they do start to show some signs of wear on that big toe well that is just the time to switch them from left to right to extend their life and your comfort in running in worked in socks.  It may sound funny to most people but I’m betting with the audience reading this it may not.  “Don’t mess with what works” or “don’t fix it if it aint broken” are quotes that come to mind to support my way of thinking.

Well to wrap up this gear review that in hindsight has been fairly easy to write, all be it I won’t win any awards or change careers from it, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Fox River socks and highly recommend them.  With different styles, weights, sizes, ankle heights and colours in both men’s and ladies there is truly something for everyone.  So pick some up today and they make great stocking stuffers so tuck some away for your special someone this Christmas.

A very special shout out to our sponsor Fox River and Team Running Free!  Thanks for a great year!

All the best and run with happy feet!


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