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Foxriver AXT Sock

I have many Foxriver AXT socks in my sock drawer.  They have come to dominate the drawer that contains very few if any cotton socks.  I have black ones, blue ones, white ones, and the classic grey ones.  I wear the black ones when I need to wear dark socks for formal occasions, and I wear the other ones when I go to work or race.

I am a sweaty guy, and that translates to sweaty feet.  I have found that these socks have been able to wick moisture away from my body in normal every day use fairly well.  Better than anything I have found thus far.  In terms of racing, they can’t wick the moisture fast enough and they become soaked and my feet become in danger of chaffing.  Although I have never had foot problems in adventure racing, road races, or ultra marathons with these.  I am not sure if it is a function of me wearing foot lube, or if the sock is very good at keeping my foot protected.  I suspect it is a mixture of both.

My complaints of this sock would stem from  holes that are appearing slowly but surely.  I have about 3 pairs that all seemed to wear out this year at the same time in the forefoot region and the side of the pinky toe.  I wasn’t very happy about this as I was lead to believe that these were the Fort Knox of sox.  Perhaps I have an unrealistic expectation of sock life, but I was expecting more time with them.  I also started to experience holes in at least two pairs of socks that seemed to appear randomly and I couldn’t think if I had run into something or if they were a sock malfunction.  As I have about 15 pairs overall, the others are holding up well and bring me a great deal of joy as my feet are dry and comfortable on most days that I race or work in them.

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