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Lindsay Milk Run 10km

Lindsay Milk Run 10km – Race day – Sunday, July 20th

It was my first time running the Lindsay Milk Run.  I did the 10km race.  There was no problem driving in early in the morning from Scarborough.  The roads were pretty clear.  The Lindsay Recreation complex was easy to find with my GPS.  There were a lot of cars by the time I got there but there were plenty of parking spaces for everyone.  I wasn’t sure where to go to pick up my race bib but there were signs that were visible to help you find your way.

I had no problem picking up my bib.  The line up wasn’t too long.  I don’t recall seeing a bag check area to store your gear but it wasn’t a big deal.  The parking lot was only a minute away.

The race started a few minutes behind.  The weather was cloudy and a slight wind.  I enjoyed it.  The route was marked well with large flags. There were also volunteers in between certain km to ensure you don’t take a wrong turn in the neighbourhood.  The race started off with an uphill and then to goes flat and another gradual hill before descending near the end to the finish.  I love the crowd.  Cheers were loud and motivating.  They were very supportive to everyone running.  The aid station volunteers were great as usual providing water and Gatorade.

The post race food was amazing. Aside from the regular bagels, bananas and water, there were green smoothies from the happy rabbit and kawartha ice cream!!  Yummy!!  The sponsors were very generous in the portions of ice cream and green smoothies.  There was also a live band to keep the party going until the awards ceremony.

The only drawback from the race is the awards ceremony.  It was behind schedule and I was getting cold as the clouds were still over us. However, I still had an amazing first experience at this race and I will definitely be back next year with a few of my friends.  Thank you for hosting a great event!!

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