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Well, the cold weather is hear and it’s time to take out the winter gear for training.  Have been running with something new this year, the MIZUNO- BREATH THERMO.  I find the BREATH THERMO  warmth than some of the merino wool products out there, and a bit more comfortable to wear.  This is a quality product, made from a heat generating synthetic that captures the vapour from your sweat and turns it into heat…I don’t pretend to know the science behind it… I just run in the stuff…and I have to tell you that it makes for a toasty warm base layer. It is easy to care for and launders well.  I have to recommend this product and give it a big “thumbs up”. Try it, I am sure you will quickly appreciate it on your cold weather runs.  I still hate running in the cold, but the MIZUNO- BREATH THERMO makes it a lot more comfortable. Happy Running.

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