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CW-X tights and shorts

Women’s ¾ length stabilyx tights

These were my first pair of ¾ tights which I was needing to add to my run clothing selection. I initially was a little hesitant about purchasing the black with rainbow coloured stitching as I’m not usually that flashy but after wearing them out running once I really quite liked them and thought they were a nice change to my normal black tights. I have a full length pair of these tights which I have always liked. They provide a feeling of increased stability around the knee, lower abdominals, hips and midsection. Using these tights I definitely feel stronger and notice a decreased amount of fatigue in my muscles during a race.

Women’s stabilyx ventilator shorts

I’m use to wearing either loose running shorts or short triathlon shorts. These shorts are longer in length going to just above the knee. I wasn’t sure initially if I was going to like wearing shorts that long in the summer but I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the increase in the amount of material, the ventilation panels in the quadriceps allowed hot air to escape and cool air to enter so I didn’t feel too warm. They were light-weight, comfortable and definitely felt supportive around the pelvis and legs.

Overall, I really enjoy CW-X products. They provide me with an increased sense of stability and support. I like the ventilation technology in the shorts which was new to me. I also surprisingly liked the different coloured stitching. These products are definitely the main pieces in my running attire and I look forward to putting them on for all my training and competitions!

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