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Balega Sock Review

In the 2015 Running Free Lottery I was fortunate enough to accept the Balega Gift Certificate. I had never tried these socks…I am a runner…definitely can always use more socks!
You know the saying “Never try anything new on Race Day”, well I was going to give them a whirl.
I wore my Balega Weightless Hidden Dry socks at my Boston Marathon race this year. It was a test for me and I would either be happy or kick’n my butt for trying something totally new on race day.

I was so happy with the way the Balega socks performed for my feet. The technology behind them is amazing. The drynamix air conditioning fabric system moisture manager allowed free movement of airflow . This allows for the cool and dry feet with it’s rapid moisture evaporation system. The weather this year for the Boston race was very cold & rainy. Even though these elements would make for a bad situation in your shoes…I did not feel like my feet were wet and slopping around in my shoes!

These Balega socks fit to the contour of your foot without constricting it. The arch support system also gives you the “just right fit” that is not too tight.

The Balega socks are ultra light and you can hardly feel that you are actually wearing socks in your shoes. Another feature that I am very pleased with is the ultimate blister barrier between your skin and the shoe. I wore these socks for the very first time in my marathon & after those 42.2 kms and in wet and soggy conditions I did NOT have one blister on my foot!! The Drynamix blended with Natural Mohair wool creates the Ultimate Blister barrier between your skin and shoe. This feature alone, to me, is a very important feature. Not to have blisters after a race is so amazing and this feature alone is worth every penny spent in the purchase of Belega Socks.

Since that very first day, back in April on Race Day, I have not worn another type of sock while training or racing since. In fact, since wearing my Balega socks, I have not had any issues of any blistering, black toenails, or losing toenails since I starting wearing them. I have actually revamped my running sock drawer and you will only find Balega Socks in there.

Give the Balega Socks a try,,,,,,you will not be disappointed!


Married with 3 children. I never liked running as a kid growing up but took up running at the young age of 45 when my youngest was in his teens. I always walked but needed more activity in my life and began running to keep myself in shape. Running gives me the freedom to get away from every day life occurrences and helps to clear my mind. I love to push myself to the next limit and happy with my accomplishments.

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