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CW-X Endurance Tights Review

Finally it has cooled down enough for me to wear the CW-X tights and give some feedback!


I have now completed about 8 decent length runs in my CW-X tights and have to say, I am impressed and a fan. There are definitely differences and benefits between wearing regular tights and the CW-X tights.

For starters, the compression factor is significant.  The tights have a 2way stretch support web that is very noticeable, you can really feel the difference as soon as you put them on the first time.  It really did feel like my legs were better supported and potentially delayed the onset of fatigue.

“The Ultimate CW-X Endurance Support Web combines optimum muscle and joint support for maximum stability, movement efficiency, and power during endurance sports.“

Secondly, usually after a few runs (8-10 runs) in standard tights, the fabric tends to stretch and generally lose shape.  The CW-X tights have yet to lose any shape and still as supportive as the first run and worked very well at wicking moisture.

Finally, they are pretty cool looking!  If you look fast, you`ll probably run fast(that’s just my personal belief and really has nothing to do with the tights technology).


If you are thinking about trying the CW-X, buy a size smaller than you normally wear as they are meant to fit snug.   Here is a size chart I found to help:


Overall, I loved the tights’ performance and would recommend them to runners, triathletes, cyclist and serious athletes alike.  When running outside in Canada in the winter, tights need to be worn so you might as well get the extra benefit!

Keep TRI’n

Scott J

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