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ec3d Compression Gear Review

I won a credit for some ec3d gear in this year’s Team Running Free lottery.  To be honest, I had never actually heard of ec3d before, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to check it out. I popped into my local Newmarket store and Glennis helped me pick out the ec3d Performance & Recuperation Calf Sleeves + Ankle Socks Hybrid Combo.  The combo comes with a pair of performance calf sleeves and performance ankle socks, as well as a pair of recuperation calf sleeves.

I should preface this review by saying that I have been battling a nagging injury for quite some time now and have been unable to train or race at all this season.  Needless to say, this has been more than frustrating!

That being said, I haven’t actually been able to put the product to a real test.  However, for the sake of this review, I did take a good long (about 8k) walk with my little baby strapped into a carrier on my front for good measure!  I wore the performance calf sleeves and performance socks.  For what it’s worth, I did find the socks very comfortable with good compression.  I also really liked the feel of the calf sleeves and found that I didn’t even realize I was wearing them after a while.  I also tried out the recuperation calf sleeves and they definitely have some good compression.

What I really like about this hybrid combo pack in particular is that you get everything you really need in one shot. And, with the separate ankle socks and calf sleeves, you can wear just the socks, just the calf sleeves, or both together – you don’t have to go out and buy ankle socks, calf sleeves and long socks separately.  The combo costs $69.99 which I thought was really reasonable considering that you get three products with great versatility.  You can easily pay $40 just for a pair of calf sleeves!

I’m looking forward to getting back to training and racing next season (hopefully) and really putting this product to the test!  Once I do, I’ll post a proper review!


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