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Barrie Waterfront 10K

I won this race (1/2 marathon) in the annual team lottery and opted to do the 10K due to some injuries I have been facing.  I have done this race before so knew pretty much what to expect.  This year the shirts in the race kit were great!  Last year, the shirts were all too short and they said they would mail new ones out to every participant – but they did not.  Some complained that this year the shirts were too long – I guess they were being extra cautious because of the issues they had last year.

The weather was warmer than expected and many suffered from the heat – especially the half marathoners.  I like the size of this race with just over 1000 participants.  The scenery is great with the lake views.  What I was not thrilled about was that the roads were not closed to traffic and I found a lot of cars tried to squeeze there way in which made it awkward and nerve wracking at times.  Around the 7k mark things became busy when the 1/2 marathoners met up with the 5 and 10k runners at the split.  I found this to be a big negative for this race.

There was no bag check which I think the race should reconsider at some point however, I was pleased with the kilometer markers and aid stations and where they were.

The medal is great – quite large and heavy!  Do I run to run or for the medal???  Hmmmm!

There was some confusion near the end of the race – less than 1 km to go where there was nobody directing racers as to where the finish was.  I lost some time due to the fact that I was following somebody else who made the wrong turn.  There definitely needs to be more volunteers near the end of the race to ensure that runners know where to go.

Running Free very prominent at this race which was great!!

Best part???  I came 3rd in my age! 🙂 Bad part… medals/awards! 🙁


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