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Hoka Bondi 4

Who would have thought that I would be wearing Hokas??!!  This is the shoe that I would laugh at when I saw somebody else wearing them – calling them clown shoes!  Don’t knock em til you try em!  I have been suffering from back pain, groin issue, foot pain and on and on…I was wearing Saucony’s for the longest time then on a whim and with some good information given to me by Jodi, I decided to give Hokas a try.  Well…I haven’t looked back!  This is my third pair – one of them being the trail shoe – the other two for my regular runs. (Bondi 4).

This shoe comes with two sets of insoles for a customizable fit and I need them every time!  This new Bondi 4 is definitely narrower in the toe box which I like – my previous pair was a little too roomy although they were comfy too. I am always pleasantly surprised at how light this shoe is and how roomy and cushy they are – like walking on pillows AND I feel like a giant!  I am used to the height now but for newbies, they may feel too high and unstable.  You will get used to them very quickly!

I use my HOKAS for all of my runs now whether it is on road, trail, treadmill, track….I have been successful with them and feel less impact on my joints.  You definitely use different muscles…differently so for the first little while I was experiencing some calf issues until I got used to them and figured out my posture and landing (trying to land on toe rather than heel which I was doing).  I would suggest if you are just starting out with this shoe..start with shorter runs and work up to longer distances in them just to give yourself a break in period and allow your muscles to adapt.

I do find that the outsole wears out quicker than my Saucony’s ever did but the comfort aspect outweighs this in my opinion.

Overall, I think the Hoka Bondi 4 is a great choice for long distances and for runners looking for a comfy shoe – regardless of the size and weight of a person.  There are benefits for both.

Pricing of this shoe is a little bit more expensive than the typical Saucony/Asics, etc. however, they are definitely worth considering for the comfort factor.

I was also impressed with the colors!  I’m all about fashion!  If you look good….you feel good!  That’s half the battle!


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