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Nathan gear!

I was lucky enough to get Nathan products in the lottery! I chose the speedshot handheld flask, hipster waist belt with pockets and the 5k waist belt.

The speedshot flask has been great! It holds enough water for 5-10k runs on a hot day and has a great zippered pocket for gels, inhaler, id and keys. It’s easy to hang on to and easy to drink from.

The hipster waist belt is so nice  for walks. It holds my phone, keys and bank card securely and is hardly noticeable with yoga pants! I found I used this often when walking the dog.

The 5k waist belt is so useful! It’s light and fits so much in it! The 2 zippered pockets are easy to access and I found I used this not only for my runs and rides but also I used it instead of a purse at the cottage getting in and out of a boat. Kept everything out of the water! ❤️ Nathan products!


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