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Superfeet Berry Insoles

After winning the Superfeet insoles lottery prize in the Running Free Lottery for 2017, I purchased two pairs of Superfeet insoles. One pair of Superfeet Berry C for my running shoes and one pair of Superfeet Carbon for my figure skates. I have been using the Superfeet Carbon in my figure skates for over 10 years now (and I know that Running Free is not a figure skating store, so I will keep this part short!). Superfeet insoles in my skates have made an incredible difference in the fit and feeling of my skates. Just like my running shoes, the Superfeet insoles in my figure skates provide me with more support when I am in my skates for hours upon hours. This is a great example of how some of the awesome things sold at Running Free stores can be used for sports outside of running, cycling, triathlon and swimming.

Superfeet Berry - Superfeet Style # sf-berry

I actually first started using Superfeet insoles in my running shoes after being diagnosed with lliotibial band (ITB) friction syndrome (also known as ‘runners knee’) in July 2016, right as I was starting my very first marathon training cycle. I was recommended by my sports medicine doctor to buy a pair of Superfeet insoles for my running shoes, with the hope that they would eliminate my pain and help to correct my foots alignment. Thankfully, after speaking with the awesome Jodi of Running Free Orangeville, she said that the Superfeet Berry were the right insoles for me. I am happy to say that since using the Superfeet Berry insoles in my running shoes (every single time I run!) I have not experienced any more ITB friction syndrome pain. The Superfeet insoles provided much more support that my awesome New Balance shoes were not able to provide on their own.

Not only are the super feet incredibly comfortable and easy to insert into shoes, they are super easy to cut to the correct size to fit directly into your shoe. When I train with multiple pairs of shoes, I can easily swap out the Superfeet insoles in and out of the shoe I am using that day.

The only thing I don’t like about my Superfeet insoles in my running shoes is that they are a bit squeaky when I walk. Obviously this is not a game changer and is more of an annoyance, but hey, at least people can hear me coming.

Superfeet Carbon - Superfeet Style # 32000

If anyone is looking for more support in their running shoes (or everyday shoes. Or figure skates!) I would highly recommend purchasing a pair of Superfeet insoles from your local Running Free store. These insoles have changed my running and are constantly helping my to stay injuring free while achieving my running goals.

Here’s the link to the Superfeet Berry insoles on Running Free Canada:

And here’s the link to the Superfeet Carbon insoles on Running Free Canada:

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