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Gear Review: Trigger Point Grid STK and MB1 Massage Ball

Long over due, but here is my gear review for the Trigger Point Grid STK and MB1 Massage Ball. This year I was lucky enough to win a lottery item for Trigger Point and I chose the above mentioned items as they were different then the traditional on the ground foam rollers I have used in the past.

Starting with the Grid STK, I love it and have quickly incorporated this product into my regular cool down and stretch routine. I am happy with the length and size as its easy to maneuver over one’s major muscle groups in a seated or standing position.

As a new user of Trigger Point, I was very impressed by the firmness of the “orange foam” and the grooves in order to provide a better muscle massage. So far I definitely give this product a thumbs up!

Secondly, the MB1 Massage Ball.  I use massage balls on the regular as I enjoy how the target and massage out problem areas in hard to reach areas, like behind one’s shoulder blades. However, as much as I loved the first product, I was a little disappointed with this one.

I found this product too soft in comparison to the massage balls I currently use (very much like a Lacrosse ball). Although it was easy to use against a wall, due to the material the grip was much better, it lacked the deep tissue massage I was looking for!

Overall, I was very happy to finally test out these products!

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