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I was lucky enough to win a fifty dollar Arena voucher from the Team Running Free lottery in 2018. As an avid Triathlete, I decided to use my lottery win to purchase a new swimsuit to wear in my training. After searching the racks at Running Free Orangeville, I decided on purchasing the Arena Underwater One Piece Swimsuit in Blue. Arena swimsuits are fantastic. This swimsuit is my third one from Arena and I can say for sure that in the future I will continue to buy more Arena swimsuits. This swimsuit fits perfectly and the material is great, and it has not begun to wear-out. I especially like the open back design of this arena swimsuit, and the small straps, allowing it to be lightweight, easy to move/swim in and easy to get on and off (probably the most important – haha). It has the right amount of coverage, and stays put. I do not have a problem with having to re-adjust myself in the water and just have to worry about how hard I am working.

This swimsuit has lasted through many pool and open water swims and continues to be my favourite swimsuit in my rotation. I have never washed the swimsuit in the washing machine, but rinse it out in the shower after each swim to remove the chlorine from the suit. Despite not washing it in the washing machine, the suit remains clean and does not have an odor, so I recommend rinsing Arena swimsuits after wearing to avoid material break down.

The cute jellyfish design was a big draw-in when purchasing this swimsuit. Bright blue. yellow and green cover this suit and help show my personality in the water. The jellyfish design is very different than the normal colour blocking or black swimsuits that are seen in most pools. I have received many compliments from fellow swimmers on this swimsuit, and it even comes in a plum colour.

I am very thankful that I was lucky enough to win an Arena voucher in the lottery this year, and I am look forward to buying more in the future (and possibly winning it again next year!). I highly recommend any Arena one piece swimsuits for anyone looking for the perfect swimsuit and I am confident in saying that all Arena products (like their goggles, kick-boards and bags) are worth the money, as they are made with great materials and care.

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