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Being part of this wonderful Running Free Organization are the rewards of being gifted products from our sponsors through a lottery.  I was gifted a certificate from Kari Traa Clothing Line.

Wearing the Kari Traa Clothing not only adds colour to your running wardrobe with such bright colours, it also adds style and comfort for any type of activity.  There are many styles & colours to choose from for use in any of our four seasons during the year.

The Kari Traa ankle socks come in a variety of colours and are light and breathable.  They feel comfortable during any extreme workouts or running and distances.  The Kari Traa ankle socks are moisture wicking and quick drying. I find I have no rubbing or blisters after wearing them during my long or shorter runs.  The socks fit snug and no rubbing on my feet which is one of the  important features I look for during long distance running races.    Kari Traa Socks are the only ones you will find on my feet.

The Kari Traa hipster seamless underwear for women are very comfortable. light weight and stylish to wear.  I love that they are seamless and do not bunch or ride up during workouts.  Moisture wicking and quick drying is a great feature.  You really feel and look like you have no underwear on at all.

I also chose the Kari Traa Pia Long Sleeve shirt in white.  This shirt is extremely feather light in weight and stylish with a see-through look for extra coverage to highlight a sports bra with style during your workouts.  This top is very quick drying and is very thin and soft.  This Long sleeve shirt can be worn as well to compliment any outfit and does not have to be worn just for workouts.

All of the Kari Traa line of clothing is very colourful, stylish, comfortable, light weight and easily worn every day not only for workouts but for casual wear.  There are so many different pieces in the Kari Traa Line to choose from that you will not be disappointed.  Wearing something you like and enjoy makes you feel good about yourself and look great too!  This is how I feel when I wear Kari Traa Clothing.

Ladies, if you have not had a chance to view the Kari Traa clothing line, what are you waiting for!  Next time you are in your local Running Free Store, please look for the Kari Traa, you will not be disappointed!


Married with 3 children. I never liked running as a kid growing up but took up running at the young age of 45 when my youngest was in his teens. I always walked but needed more activity in my life and began running to keep myself in shape. Running gives me the freedom to get away from every day life occurrences and helps to clear my mind. I love to push myself to the next limit and happy with my accomplishments.

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