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Chase the coyote

I did chase the coyote for the fourth time this year,but first time doing the 12k, I usually stick to the 5-10k races. So I was kinda nervous doing a 12k trail race.

The registration was effortless and organized. The swag was awesome! Who doesn’t need a great pair of gloves? I showed up early and was happy to see there was coffee and a few vendors to pass the time. Everyone was super friendly!

The beauty of the course was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! There were lots of hills, rocks, stumps, branches and mud to watch out for so no time to think about being tired! By the time I got to the 10k mark I was still smiling and was sad it was almost over! The weather being absolutely perfect helped as well! The last bit of the course was downhill, so nice to finish looking strong!

Finished as happy as I started, the medals were fantastic! After race refreshments were nice as well with vegetarian options! I will definitely be doing this again next year, Its now my favourite!

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