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Brooks Transcend 3 – One Nice Shoe

The Brooks Transcend 3 is not only one good looking shoe – it delivers, comfort, style, support, engineering a and whole lot more. At its core it is a shoe with support and cushioning aimed at runners with pronation issues. Along with this is a soft breathable upper with fantastic moisture sicking properties,  a DNA midsole (cushioning is based on the pressure the material receives – so it is unique to each runner) and an outsole made of HPR plus other rubber components give it excellent abrasion and wear and tear resistance while offering greater flexibility and traction.

When I first tried on this shoe it felt a little weird – I normally wear a neutral shoe and the extra support felt strange pushing back into my foot. I didn’t need the support but went with the shoe as the styling and colour attracted me as well as the roomy toe box and responsive and cushioning midsole. Although the first couple of runs felt awkward to my feet, the shoes fit like a glove and I soon got accustomed to the extra cushioning and support. The feel was very smooth and silky. I spend a good part of my time on the trails but used this shoe fairly exclusively when on the roads. I really enjoyed the smooth, cushioned feel – it made the road feel a lot less harsh.

Although not as light as many other shoes (they weigh in at around 310 grams), I did not find them heavy on my feet. They measure an 8mm drop, definitely not a minimalist but not on the high side either – just a bit below average here – but not in a bad way.  The Transcend 3 has a lot going for it and for a much more detailed review check out the link at and see what Nick Symmonds has to say. For my part, I really appreciated the way the shoe fit and the style and comfort of the toe box – I don’t put a ton of km’s on my shoes so I never really put them through their full paces. But if you are someone who puts on the miles I think you will find this shoe to be a very good companion along the way. As Symmonds also mentioned, they are a bit on the expensive side (who knows, maybe I am a bit on the cheap side) so keep your eyes peeled for a sale – they are a great shoe regardless. Happy Trails.

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