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Why triathlons are like roller coasters

I’ve been doing triathlons for 5 years now but I haven’t ridden a roller coaster since I first got pregnant 10 years ago. Last weekend we took a family holiday at Six Flags Darien Lake and after the girls went to bed at 8pm I went out and rode all the high-thrill rides which I love. And then it occurred to me: I have the same feelings before a triathlon race as before riding a roller coaster! I’ve always loved roller coasters and now I finally understood why I got addicted to triathlons – they give me the same thrill! So what is the similarity between roller coasters and triathlons? Here it is:

  1. When you first see it, it looks like fun and seems like a good idea to do it.
  2. Right before you get going, you keep thinking “Holy cow, what the heck was I thinking?”
  3. Once you take the first step (cross the start line or the gate), there is no way back!
  4. After you get going, you start enjoying it.
  5. Hormones start rushing which gives you joy and you start enjoying it even more.
  6. When you are done, it feels great, you feel great.
  7. So much so that you want to do it again and again

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