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Eassun X-Light 08012 Running Sunglasses

These are super lightweight sunglasses, ideal for outdoor sports. I have used these while biking and running. At first there was some adjustment getting used to how they sit on my nose, looking crooked on my face. Once you get used to the lightweight construction of these glasses you find the ideal place for them to sit on your nose and ears. When I was running they did not move or jump up and down on my face once I learnt how to sit them on my features. They also don’t squeeze my head or temples at all, you forget they are there. They slightly touch my cheeks when seated correctly but it does not bother me while I am running or biking. Highly recommend these glasses, I didn’t realize how much I used to squint while I ran until I got these! Now I can’t go without them.


I've loved running since elementary school when I was on the cross country team. I recently picked up this hobby and find it's so perfect for dealing with stress. I'm a competitive person so my goal this year is to improve my pace for 5k, 10k and half marathons.

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