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Arena Halo Hand Towel

I purchased an Arena Halo Hand Towel in Lime Green earlier in the season. It has been terrific. It is large enough that I can wrap it around me and it falls below my knees. It is super absorbent. It also dries super quickly. Despite its large size it folds up really small and flat and you wouldn’t even know that there was a towel in your swim bag!! The washing instructions say to wash in the machine but it needs to be hung dry. That is my only small pet peeve about this towel. It’s hard to find the room to hang this towel up sometimes because it is pretty big. However, it doesn’t hold much water after spinning in the washer so it’s pretty much just damp when it’s time to dry it. Due to how quickly it dries I wondered if I even needed to wash it after every swim, perhaps it can be used multiple times before washing….?

All in all I love this towel. Even though I got it through the Team Lottery I would purchase another one either for myself or as a gift to another triathlon/swimmer friend.

Arena Halo Hand Towel Unisex Acid Lime/Pix Blue - Arena Style # 2A483-68 F17

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