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Gear Review: New Balance Zante v3 Fresh Foam

Release Date: March 2017

The Zante v3 is a light weight running shoe probably for shorter distances. I am training for a marathon, I would not recommend this shoe for any long distance running. I have completed about 100km in this shoe and I would give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

The concerns I have with the shoe is basically the uppers. When I laced up and ran in them I felt the eyelet and eyestay of the shoe dig into the top of my foot. It made the runs uncomfortable. To avoid that probable I had to loosen the lacing but that was makes the foot a bit unstable inside the shoe. The only thingI do like about the shoe is that it is light weight.


I am training to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2021. But I don't want to just run the race. I want to run the race with a good time. The training started Nov 2019. The goal is run, run and run.

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