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Hello everyone, I was lucky to get the Superfeet insoles from the lottery. I got the adapt run and adapt run max. Both in size E (men’s size 11). First initial thoughts were great. Super light, nice feel out of the box and they have structure. Not just a random piece of foam. With size 11, I needed no trimming to fit my shoes which was a welcomed surprise. I texted both in multiple shoes but mainly the Salomon speedcross 5 gtx and the Brooks Cascadia 16. 

The fit was great in both. Being so thin (but a bit thicker than the stock ones), I had no issues fitting my foot and no issues at the top with lacing due to the increase size. There was also no movement. Insoles fit in nice and snug. Didn’t notice any side to side or front to back shift.

Performance is greatly improve over the stock insoles especially with the Salomon speedcross 5 gtx. I’ve always loved this shoe but would keep it but away because of the lack of cushion. This solved the issue. Did some longer runs with them of 15-20km and the protection to the feet/legs was greatly enhanced over the thin insoles they normally come with. Got them wet a few times and they were dry the next day.

Overall I’m excited to keep using these. Now with winter coming along I definitely will need them in the speedcross but also in the spikecross. I’ve avoided longer runs in the pass because when it’s icey, the spikecross just has so little cushion that it beats up the legs. This should help and I’ll be getting more for those shoes during the winter.

Thanks for the read! 

Steve Lacroix


Living in the Canadian Rockies in Cranbrook, BC. Dad of 3 beautiful daughters. Active runner, hiker and outdoorsman of all kind!

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