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Brooks Axiom

My Thoughts on the Axiom from Brooks.

brooks_axiom_mens2.jpgLightweight Speed training and Racing Shoe. At 10.5 oz this is a lightweight trainer or racing shoe for people who need a bit of stability but want a weight advantage in foot turnover.

Race Worthy
I have done 3 races in them. Longest being 10 miler. Really felt the lack of cushioning that this racing shoe has. Especially on the cold hard pavement in December. During the race, the shoe holds its shape well and doesn’t soften even though the upper is very minimalist (saving weight). The shoe fit great all the way through the race, with my toes only getting a little squished/beat up towards the end (due to some lengthy downhill pounding). Also the out sole material doesn’t have the annoying “Squeaky when wet” sound that other race trainers usually have. To save the weight they had to take it from somewhere, therefore the shoe goes a little bit lighter on the cushioning. I really start to feel it on the 5Th mile repeat or after the 10km mark of the race.

Ideal Usage
Great shoe for Speed work and intervals. After 9 weeks of track work in them it is very nice to have something lightweight and comfortable to wear. Really performs well on a track and feels comfortable even when tightened that extra little bit for fast intervals. I have tried it with both double layer and skinny socks, the shoe holds very well around both without that sliding feeling that you sometimes get when the width of the shoe is in the wrong proportions.

These shoes are what you see is what you get. They have plain vanilla looks, nothing dazzling or intimidating about them. So with all the features packed into them, you might consider them “sleepers”. Great if you just want to blend into the pack and take off at the end.

First Fit
Great fit out of the box. Width is great. Lots of comfort. Most shoes that you buy nowadays have that slipper feel to them, these shoes are just like that. They are ready to go the first time you lace them up.

Definite areas of improvement
Laces are insane length. My feet are an average size but these laces are like hockey skate laces, there is enough to go around my ankle or under the sole of the shoe. Also there is no “Heel Lock” hole at the top of the lace way. Tongue is extra large as well. These might be pet peeves that won’t apply to everyone, but they sure matter to me.

Bottom line
Fills the hole in Brooks line-up between trainer and flat
Light weight but not ultra light.
A little finicky (lacing up).
Still number 3 in my book behind DS trainer and Fast twitch.

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