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Brooks Running Gloves – HVAC Gloves

For someone that spends a fair amount of time outdoors and in the cold there is one part of my body that has never really adapted well to the elements, my hands. This makes gloves a very important running accessory throughout the winter and for most of the spring and fall, as well. This season I decided to try a higher end pair of gloves in the Brooks HVAC. These comfortable, form fitting gloves are designed with special X-Static® fiber that spreads the heat evenly throughout the glove, except the pointer finger and thumb that have more of a fleece feel to them. The palm has a padded area that remains cool during the run and is a nice coolant when things get heated up on the longer runs. Each glove has a pocket on the top of the hand designed to carry transit cards, debit cards or change that can come in handy when you find yourself stranded a little farther from home than planned. These gloves seem to be more durable than the yarn Brooks Thermolite® gloves that I previously wore and dry a lot quicker due to the material composition (70% polyester/20% nylon/5% spandex/5% X-Static®). Brooks HVAC Gloves

I have tried many other gloves, and mitts, in an attempt to find a pair that keeps you warm but do not over heat and these have been the best of the batch. I can use these gloves on days that dip to -10 degrees Celsius or ones that push into the teens (above Celsius) and remain comfortable the entire run. The only correction I would recommend to Brooks is to keep the whole glove a consistent wind resistant material as the fleece portion on the pointer finger and thumb can be a little cooler than the rest of the unit on the windy days. I believe these areas are made of that material to allow you to wipe sweat from your forehead area but I would prefer it to be all one piece of fabric. If you enjoy warm, dry hands during runs on those cooler days make sure you make a little investment and try these technical gloves and be confident that you are in good hands with Brooks. 

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