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Brooks HVAC Glove

I had to buy a new pair of gloves this year after ripping my Marmot Evolutions to HVAC Gloveshreds in a bike crash last spring.  I decided to get a glove that was a little thicker (and hopefully warmer) but still had a nice fitted feel.  I also wanted a glove that had a soft material on the thumb for wiping my nose, which is essential when running or riding in cold weather (don’t pretend your nose doesn’t run!)  My only complaint with the Marmot’s was the rough material that caused cuts and a sore nose.  The Brooks HVAC glove looked like a perfect fit.  It was fairly thick, had a very comfortable anatomical fit, and had nice soft terry cloth on the thumb and pointer finger.  In addition the HVAC material that the glove is made of is an advanced thermo regulating technology made with X-Static, the Silver Fibre, that manages moisture and dynamically channels heat to cold hands.  I found that the gloves did a good job keeping my hands warm, were extremely comfortable and I didn’t have a sore nose after every run.  The only complaint I have, which is probably a result of being spoiled by the wind stopper fabric in the Marmot’s, was that the wind cut through the gloves pretty easily.  If they were to add a wind stopping material to the glove, while keeping the excellent breathability they would have a clear cut winner.

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