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Brooks T5 Racer

OK, so I have a big event coming up next weekend and my racing flats took a kicking on the Subaru series this season. I was not expecting so many trail runs!

 With this reality, I figured it was time to visit our friends at Brooks and hopefully get into some new racers before Sept 15. Well my needs went answered in a big way and I have found a new favourite shoe in the Brooks T5 Racer! This shoe is so comfortable and quick it is amazing. You feel very light footed but your legs and knees are happy the whole run. Although, this shoe is super light weight you still experience more than enough stability and cushion to keep and aches and pains far from your joints.

I do not train in these but had to take them for a test 10k and I am very excited to get them back on my feet next Saturday. I would highly recommend the Brooks family of racing flats for their comfort, design and speed. My last pair lasted exactly one year spanning many races in various conditions and could keep going if needed.

Brooks T5 Racer

From website

T5 Racer (40021)
The new T5 Racer is an ideal match for the elite road racer looking to cover a lot of ground in a little time. An abrasion-resistant outsole is ready to log mile after mile, a breathable mesh upper ensures a comfortable footbed, and HydroFlow® cushioning absorbs heel-strike impact. Lightweight, flexible and fast, this speed shoe relishes the rigors of the race. Recommended for distances of up to a half marathon.

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