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Brooks Glycerin 5

As someone who would run because I had to (training) not because I wanted to (that’s crazy), I feel a little wierded out writing a review for a running shoe. However, after a season of running with my Glycerin 5’s, I have to say that these shoes make me want tobrooks_glyrcerin5_mens_silvermarine.jpg run. And I don’t just mean run around the block, I mean enter 5 and 10km races.

The Glycerin 5 is built around Brooks’ MOGO cushioning, a unique combination that provides the runner with more cushioning, more bounce, a softer feel and more consistent performance across a range of temperatures. In addition, the shoe also features a silver-embedded liner that prevents hot spots on your feet. I don’t think that I ran far enough to appreciate that feature, but I can tell you that I have never owned a shoe that had the “put on and run” feel that my G5’s have. As a Phys-Ed teacher, I am on my feet running, moving and shaking all day and I have not yet come to the end of a day desperate to peel my shoes off. I can also tell you this, my G5’s still smell (almost) like they came out of the box and that is saying something considering the punishment I have put them through over the past 6 months.

I am due for a new pair of running shoes and my choice is crystal clear. I will be heading down to Running Free to pick up a new pair of Brooks Glycerin 5’s. This is a great shoe!!

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