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Bracebridge Sprint

Well, been putting off writing this one.

 Headed up to Bracebridge to compete in the sprint triathlon.  A great little venue, I got there real early (a little too early as the drive didn’t take as long as I thought).

 As allways, HSBC runs a fantastic race, and the organization was awesome.

 Spent a good amount of time warming up and getting ready. 

 The swim was in the river on a small loop.  I was actually looking forward to the course as it is a technical swim and using the current and river knowledge can help a lot!

 Had a good start, and was hoping to be near the front.  I was!  Two fast young guys gaped me, but I was able to hold 3rd throughout the swim. 

 Had a bit of a slow transition as my suit got a little stuck.  Lost a spot there to the top female. 

 Headed out on the bike feeling ok, but a little burnt due to the long ride I did the day before.  Legs started coming around after a few km.  I could see noone behind me, and the female leader up the road.  I caught her at the first hill. 

Somehow, (not going to comment) she managed to stay right behind me, and to repass once.  I decided that I was going to put the hammer down and gap her, and try and get to the two leaders.  We passed them coming back just before the turnaround and the space seemed doable. 

Jsut as I was braking to slow down for the turnaround I hit a very sharp rock and blew out my front tire.    I was quickly stopped and off and had the tire and tube out in seconds.  I am good at changing tires.  Unfortunately, I did not pack my valve extender, and the valve on the tube i had was not long enough for my race wheels  (dop!).

Funnily enough, I would have been able to change the tire and get on my way without losing a spot.  I had a big gap on 4th.

Spent the rest of the race cheering on the rest of the riders.  The sag wagon came and picked me up.  They asked me if I wanted to do the run without a time.  Why not.  Might as well get a bit of a workout in.

Rested I hammered the run course.  Kinda weird being near the back of the pack as I was flying by people the whole time.  My unofficial goal was to pass 40 people.  Got it!

So, my first DNF ever.  Teaches me to not take preperation for granted, even in a small race!

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