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Deal with the Devil – Our Daily Walk

There is a bargaining system in our house between the animals and the humans.   We own a Rottie Cross and a full-blown bouncing off the walls Husky.  The bargains are as follows:


If we, the humans, let you up on the bed, that means we get an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep. 


If we, the humans, feed you promptly, you the animals have to wait until we have our breakfast and much needed coffee before you start begging for the next bit….


We the humans will take you on a long morning walk, and you – really this rule is for the husky -will not destroy our house.


When we got the Rottie we walked her almost every day – but she would have been just as happy to nap instead of stroll. When we decided to adopt the Husky – well our lives changed dramatically.


The morning walk became a necessity of life.  No matter how hot, how rainy, how icy, we were going – or you, the humans will suffer the wrath of a fluffy puppy with too much energy!


On the whole I love getting up and watching their tails bob over the wheat and grass in the open fields of the Conservation area.  I enjoy their stalking techniques of prey that they will never catch, but when the husky starting coming back with a mouth full of pheasant – well that became somewhat embarrassing.


Then there are the mornings when you are sick.  The Husky has little sympathy for chills, aches, and fevers. After all  – she feels just fine. 


There are also the mornings when the dogs find some foul rotting creature to roll and revel in.  They come back with tails wagging and smears of brown and half rotting innards streaked down their back.  They know only by the look of disappointment on my face that they will be escorted directly to the bathtub after the jaunt is over.


They have come too close to their share of animals, including skunks, and a lost chunk of nose from a rendez-vous with a muskrat.  And every time we take the trail by the beaver den I pray that the husky won’t be too inquisitive and the beaver will not be too territorial.


After all these ‘encounters’ you may wonder why I don’t leash the dogs or go somewhere else.


Firstly- there is nothing more satisfying than the sheer exhaustion the dogs get from roaming free in the fields and forests.


Secondly, I’ve forgotten to mention that no matter how tired I am from training or other eevnts, I always feel better after one of our walks.  I’ve seen so much wildlife thanks to our daily routine and always get a good dose of fresh air no matter what kind of day it is.  My husband and I have sorted out many of the trials of our lives on those walks.  There is something about the repetitive nature of walking that is very therapeutic, and allows you to see things from a fresh perspective.


We have come to love our lifestyle of walking and have to thank the fluffy mutt for it.  Speaking of which, she is staring at my now with her expectant tail wagging – time to head out.

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