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Sporting Life 10k – My favourite spring running race

The sporting life 10k has become a favourite spring race for me. This year was the second year I completed this race and look forward to completing it again next year. While this race has become very popular and therefore is somewhat crowded (from start to finish – I fought for space on the road), it is a very spectator-friendly course, mostly downhill/flat, and has many recognizable landmarks along the way. As a downtown Toronto resident, I am always reassured as I run down yonge street and pass the major roads/subway stops, Eaton Centre, etc. The familiarity is comforting I guess! The separation of runners in corrals at the start is very good – but it’s almost as if more corrals and/or different start times are needed as it’s still a very crowded race course. Also, with the number of people racing and number of spectators, more portable washrooms at the start line are required. This has been a problem both years I have raced – easily a 15 minute line-up may prevent you from starting on time. Finally, as this race is held so early in the spring, be prepared for variable weather conditions from year to year.  I couldn’t believe how many people overdressed and had to take off layers as they went.  So, while this may be a great race in mid-town and downtown Toronto, there is always room for improvement.  To have a great race next year, I recommend dressing appropriately for the weather, and arriving super early to ensure enough time to warm-up, use the portable washrooms, and line-up in your corral.

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