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Wave Ascend 4

As the summer months approach I’ve been spending a lot of time in the trails. After training in the Wave Rider 12’s for my spring marathon season i was hooked to the brand. After searching trying on various trail shoes i tried out the Wave Ascend 4 and instantly fell in love with the shoe! The wet traction feature is a bi-directional out sole rubber compound that helps with grip in any type of conditions whether it be rain or snow. The Wave Ascend 4 also provides the smooth transition with the Smooth Ride feature minimizing acceleration and deceleration when your running creating a smooth transition from stride to stride. Another feature that i loved about the shoe is the lightweight. The women’s version is 9.4 oz and the men’s is 11.4. Overall the Wave Ascend is a great performance shoe for the trails. The light weight shoe provides optimal grip with a smooth transition along with a low profile mid sole that allows you to be more in-tuned with the surroundings on the trails whether it be roots or rocks.

Next time your in Running Free give it a try!


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